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The Membership Committee has responsibility for greeting newcomers and visitors to the Fellowship and assimilating them into the services, activities and programs of the Fellowship.  For this task, it recruits and coordinates the Greeters, whose role it is to help visitors feel welcomed and comfortable. The minister and the Membership Committee members also invite people to learn more about Unitarian Universalism by taking one of our new member classes. The Committee also recruits ushers.

The minister leads a new member orientation called the Belonging Series twice a year. A committee member attends at least one class of each of the two belonging series to meet potential new members. The minister arranges new member ceremonies each year, with the assistance of the committee.  The committee also sees that the membership list is kept current and that members who become inactive are contacted. The committee holds four meetings each year to assess necessary aspects of the membership. In addition the committee cohosts a new member potluck dinner with the minister.

If you are interested in helping the essential work of the Membership Committee or need more information, please contact Gretta Johnson-Sally at .   You can also call the UUFSB Office (631-751-0297) or send an email to the Office at .

Current Members


  • Marie Baltz
  • Gilda Candela
  • Linda Kirk (ex-officio)
  • Jeff Kochnower
  • Deb Little DRE (ex-officio)
  • Lily Klima
  • Shelly Psaris
  • Gini Rosenburg
  • Gerry Selya
  • Linda Volkersz
  • Gretta Johnson-Sally (chair)

Sunday Service Greeters

Greeting – What does it mean?
Greeting members, friends, and visitors to our Sunday services is our opportunity to make a great first impression on everyone who walks through our doors.  We provide the first face of the Fellowship to newcomers.  Greeting is part of our Ministry!  It means a lot to us, and to the Fellowship.
Greeting is also a wonderful way to meet new people – current members and new ones.  It is a great way to establish friendships!  What does a Greeter need to do?
Here are the greeting duties, in a nutshell:
·    Sign up for date(s) you will greet or confirm date with the coordinator.  Many of us like to sign up to greet on a regular basis, i.e. every first Sunday of every month.  This is helpful, but not required. Three Greeters per Sunday is ideal.  You will always have someone there to “show you the ropes!”                    
·    Arrive at 10:00am on your greeting date.                    
·    Set out the Visitor Book, blank name tags and markers, etc. for visitors.        
·    One of the three greeters – someone who is experienced – will be stationed at the Religious Education (RE) door.  This greeter should have a supply of Orders of Service, and also Visitor Cards for latecomers who are new.             
·    Welcome everyone as they arrive!  Say “good morning” and offer them a printed Order of Service.          
·    Assist visitors in filling out their information in the Visitor Book and preparing a temporary name tag.  Initiate conversation to help make them feel more comfortable.     
·    Keep conversation friendly but short – Greeters need to help move people along to the sanctuary in time for the service.                    
·    One Greeter remains in the lobby until 10:45 to assist latecomers.  There may not be time for latecomers to fill out the Visitor Book.  In that case, use the Visitor Cards.        
·    After the Service:  Please assist people with ambulatory challenges by offering to get them seating and/or coffee, for example.  Direct /assist parents with crying children to nursery.  Be hospitable to everyone. 

       We will provide you with a more detailed description and helpful hints if you are interested in greeting.  The more detailed description should please be thoroughly reviewed before greeting for the first time. Please contact us if you are interested in Greeting:
·    Linda Volkersz, Greeters Coordinator,         

Usher Job Descriptions - Early Usher or A  Duties (Before the service): 9:45 AM  SET-UP
1.  Adjustment of chairs set-up in sanctuary. At times, the custodian set-up needs some tweaking.
  Ideal would be:
    ·Able to walk between rows without turning sideways
    ·3-4 inches between chairs
    ·Space for a wheelchair near foyer door
    ·Three aisles wide enough for two people to stand side by side
        1. From foyer door to deck door, 2. from mid-dais to middle of back row,
        3.  from RE Wing door to parking lot windows
2.  Distribute all hymnals on every chair (every other chair, if necessary). Check OOS for which      hymnal(s) needed. At first hymn, make sure everyone who needs a hymnal has one.
3.   Check AC/heat (set for 70 in summer; 73 in winter).
4.   Turn on all sanctuary lights and special lighting.
5.  Open or close window blinds as indicated (before and during service)
6.  Put 2 - 4 chair carriers in the lobby closet to pick up the chairs in the front of the sanctuary         after service. PEOPLE DUTIES  - Hospitality (after people enter the sanctuary)
1.  Help service attendees find the answers, places, people, assistance they need.
2.  Direct people to open seats, if necessary.  
3.  Assist people who are unsteady on their feet in navigating the sanctuary safely.
4.  Assist person using wheelchair to reserved space.
5. (In future: Provide listening devices and large print OOS and hymnals to those who need them.   Check batteries of listening devices and replace, if needed.)ONCE IN A WHILE:
 Assist Worship Associate with their set-up, if needed.
       Bring supplies (water, tissues, etc.) to dais if needed during service.

Usher Job Description   Late or B .
BE DIRECTORS of activity, steer people into helping you with various jobs CLEAN UP  After the service:
1. Start chair pickup onto carriers front/back of sanctuary –elicit help from others
         BE A DIRECTOR
2. Provide clusters of chairs for people to sit who need chairs near the front of the room
3. Assist in general clean up, store hymnals, collect used orders of service  
4. Open/close doors as needed
5. Put/store chairs behind the grey wall dividers- there is room for 3 rows of chairs on carriers
 Make sure chairs are stored by 1:15/1:30 OR arrange for someone else to complete put away.

SOUPER SUNDAY - ONCE MONTHLY:  (canceled due to COVID restrictions)
    *1 pick-up chairs –  ONTO CARRIERS easier to replace later and for table set up
    *2 help move food tables in place in hall, sanctuary
    *3 put up tables - at least 4-5 tables leaving 7-10 ft from the food tables- extend into the front of the sanctuary
    *4 replace the chairs around the tables – 6-8/table
    *5 help Souper Sunday people clean up (put tables away, stack chairs)

EXTRA STUFF  - Here is what we want you to do extra in case it needs to be done.  

    1 Hospitality duties: Greet newcomers; get coffee/seating for people with ambulatory challenges; general hospitality to everyone, direct /assist parents with crying children to nursery
    2 In case of a medical emergency care/ call 911
    3 Watch for fire - watch candles, chalice flames, know where fire extinguisher is
    4 Assist in fire drill – ONCE a year, be involved with whomever is running this
    5 In case of EMERGENCY:  Be alert in case of armed intruder; ANY disruptive activity – take charge and assist   
    6.  Before you leave, lock the front door - people can still get out, but no one can get in. A key is kept in Margie’s office with a tag “ushers key” attached.  Please replace it after you lock up.