December 11 – "What Is A Beloved Community? ” – led by Racial Concerns Committee

Racial Concerns will explore three aspects of how to achieve the vision of a Beloved Community: what it is, how to reach it, and our work in progress.

December 18 – "Sing in the Solstice ” – lay-led

This joyous celebration of the Solstice offers a blend of some favorite UUFSB traditions and will be hosted by the Wild West Ensemble. Back in the days when UUFSB put on the 1890s Fair, the Wild West Show featured corny jokes, bad puns, and a sing-a-long for all ages. They have dusted off their hats and are ready to share their love of singing together with the congregation. There will be old favorites ("Lovely Winter Solstice" and "Twelve Days of Christmas") along with beautiful solstice songs to usher in the winter. Bring your gifts of winter wear and staples for the Mitten Tree, along with your voices, and join us for a celebratory intergenerational service.

December 24, 7:00 p.m. – Candlelight Christmas Eve Service – Rev. Margie Allen

Featuring our Unicorn Choir and Children’s Focus, a traditional recognition of the birth of the Christian messiah. Readings, carols, and candles.

December 24, 9:00 p.m. – Candlelight Christmas Eve Service – Rev. Margie Allen

Featuring our own Dorothea Cook (violin) and Peter Winkler (piano), a repeat of the earlier service, a little quieter. Readings, carols and candles.

December 25 – Christmas Sunday Morning - "Christmas Stories" – Rev. Margie Allen

We’ll share the reading of a collection of Christmas stories, new and long-beloved, plus a simple holiday brunch made with love by Rev. Margie. Togetherness. Stories. Meditation. Eats.

January 1 – New Year’s Day Sunday Morning - "Letting Go and Looking Forward" – Rev. Margie Allen

An opportunity to ritually acknowledge what you are leaving behind and what you are hoping for in the New Year. Rev. Margie will provide some traditional good luck eats served in many homes on New Year’s Day.

January 8 – "Our Muslim Neighbors" – Rev. Margie Allen

A primer on being Muslim in America and some ways we can support our Muslim neighbors in the days to come.

January 15 – "Good News About Racism in America" – Rev. Margie Allen

As we celebrate the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Margie finds a toehold for hope in the long slog toward racial reconciliation in America.