May 1 – "Growing Old" – Rev. Margie Allen

Many of our visitors and newcomers are people 50 and older. The challenges of aging raise questions, often tabled during the child-rearing/career-focused years, about meaning, purpose, loss, connection, values, embodiment and death.

May 8 –  "Wind in the Willows" – John and Sara Lutterbie

As a foretaste of the Summer Series on "Children's Stories and the Books that Shape our (UU) Lives," we will share our favorite chapter in The Wind in the Willows - a story about a missing child, good friends, and the power and beauty of a profound spiritual experience.

May 15 –  "Compost" – Rev. Margie Allen

At the end, everything returns to earth. But nothing is lost. Anyone who has ever loved a compost pile honors the alchemy of return.

May 22 –  "Guns" – Rev. Margie Allen

We explore the issue of guns and gun violence in America, the second amendment, NRA and militias. What is it about guns?

May 29 –  "The Shore" – Rev. Margie Allen

This Memorial Day Sunday, as we pass through the gateway into the season of summer, we contemplate our relationship to the places where large bodies of water meet the land. And we will remember our country’s fallen soldiers.