July 5 – Summer Series #2: "Songs Patriots Sing" - Rev. Margie Allen

This 4th of July weekend come sing some songs patriots sing. What does patriotism sound like?

July 12 – Summer Series #3: "This Is Your soul on Music" - Lee Morris, Service Leader

Ever wonder w​hy music has always been a part of human life​? ​​What is ​its​ purpose? ​​​Lee Morris, a ​music therapist, will provide some insight into the ethology (biological roots) of music experience, and the part it can play in religious life.

July 19 – Summer Series #4: “On Music” – Bethany Riddle, Service Leader

This service will be a “musical journey” where I recollect important moments in my life that were marked by music, and I will expand on those to touch upon the commonalities of those experiences. There will be an emphasis on (1) those transcendental musical moments that we all experience from time to time (whether listening or participating) and (2) on the community-building aspects of music, the spiritual practice of working together.

July 26 – Summer Series #5: “The Experience of Playing Music” – Donna Demian, Service Leader

Musical talent is abundant in this fellowship, and as listeners we are have likely all been touched by hearing the music that is shared with us. In today’s service, three musicians will share their experience of playing particular pieces and giving testimony to the intimate connection created by player(s) and listeners in sharing these singular moments in time.

August 2 – Summer Series #6


August 9 – Summer Series #7: “Musicians in Times of Conflict, or, How I Reconcile My Radical Artistic and Radical Political Beliefs” – Dan Weymouth, Service Leader

In an era where we are challenged with enormous political, social and geological challenges, what is the social utility of music? As an artist of conscience, this is a question I have considered for decades. Taking my cue from Howard Zinn’s Artists in Times of War—with supporting evidence from a variety of authors (including W.E.B. Du Bois and Wendell Barry), as well as several of my own compositions—I make a passionate case for the necessity of musical art.