August 28  – “Sanctuary: Afflicting the Comfortable” – Rev. Margie Allen

This is the second of two services that explore our expectations when we enter our central space, our “sanctuary.” Growth isn’t always welcome, easy or painless.

September 4  – "An Introduction to Religious Naturalism" – Dave Tarbell, Service Leader

This service will serve as an introduction to a form of liberal religious philosophy known as religious naturalism, the belief that this natural world has a religious dimension without the need to bring in anything beyond the natural. Dave will examine how some modern religious thinkers have interpreted this idea, and what it might mean for us.

September 11  – Homecoming Service: Earth Communion (Intergenerational) – Rev. Margie Allen

We gather once again for our annual service of Homecoming! This year we focus on the element of Earth: humus, humble, humility, human. Clothing request: earth colors, including the bright ones. PLEASE BRING: a cup of soil from your home for our earth communion! Please plan to stay after the ser-vice for our Third Annual Homecoming Communion Barbecue! Bring a potluck item to accompany grilled meats and veggie alternatives provided by our Board of Trustees hosts.

September 18  – “Patterns” (Earth Scripture Series Intro) – Rev. Margie Allen

“Scripture” is written in a “script”: words in a book, images on a cave wall or an obelisk. On the scale of Earth, we look for meaning in the repeated patterns with which life writes itself.

September 25  – TBA – layled


October 2  – “Humility” (Jewish High Holy Days) – Rev. Margie Allen

Some thoughts on the seldom discussed and rarely practiced virtue of humility, our best defense against the dark arts.

October 9  – “Live Your Questions Now” – Rev. Margie Allen

The poet Rilke suggests you “live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.”