February 26 - "Clarity" - Rev. Margie Allen

The waters of our lives muddy and clear just like those of any river or stream. Some observations on reaching clarity about issues, direction, purpose in your life and communities.

March 5 - "Resilience" - Rev. Margie Allen

To be resilient is almost literally to “bounce back”: re "back" + salire "to jump, leap.” What if every fall you took was a bungee jump? What elastic principle boings you back (or forward)?

March 12 - "Joy" - Rev. Margie Allen

We search for the keys to the house of joy—our house, our true home.

March 19 - "Wings" - Rev. Margie Allen

The gospel according to Wings. Essential earth teachings about risk, perspective, birds, angels and the human longing for flight.

March 26 - "Solidarity for a Shrunken World" - Chelsea Rudman, Worship Leader

This service explores our connection to the workers around the world who make the consumer products we use every day, and the responsibility we have as Unitarian Universalists, under the 2nd and 6th principles, to ensure they are treated fairly.

Chelsea Rudman is the Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships for Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), an independent labor rights monitoring organization, conducting investigations of working conditions in factories around the globe. Chelsea is a lifelong UU who grew up in our Fellowship, and is currently active in All Souls congregation in Washington, D.C.