May 29 –  "The Shore" – Rev. Margie Allen

This Memorial Day Sunday, as we pass through the gateway into the season of summer, we contemplate our relationship to the places where large bodies of water meet the land. And we will remember our country’s fallen soldiers.

June 5 – "Power of One Person" - Pride Service led by Interweave Committee

Bullying hurts. Our guest speaker for the Pride service is Aaron Braun, the Community Educator at the LGBT Network. He is responsible for delivering workshops and trainings to different local organizations which focus on creating safer and more supportive and affirming spaces for LGBT individuals.

June 12 –  "Growing Up UU" – Gretta Johnson-Sally, DRE, and Religious Education Committee

Please join us in recognizing our Love and Help children, Coming of Age graduates and bridging seniors. The children and youth are our present and our future.

June 19 – "Flowers and Passages" – Rev. Margie Allen

Our “traditional” Flower Communion and celebration of personal and Fellowship milestones for the 2015-16 congregational year! What is the standout accomplishment, insight, decision, victory, resolution, trial of your year? Of ours together? Bring at least one flower (store-bought, wild-found or home-grown) to give away.

June 26 –Summer Series Commences

Join us as we kick off our summer series, exploring some of the books from our childhood that have influenced our lives and reflect our UU values.

July 4  – "Flowers and Passages" – Rev. Margie Allen

Rev. Margie opens the door to the summer service series with a reflection on a classic children’s book that laid in a solid spiritual foundation for the UU she would become, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden.