Upcoming Services

November 2 – “We Are More Than One” – Dave Tarbell, Worship Leader

Dave will talk about the degree to which we are all involved in each other. We are none of us just separate individuals. We would not, could not, be who we are if it were not for the various other individuals that we are connected with. In an important sense, we live in the mystery of each other’s presence and awareness.

November 9 – "Freedom" – Rev. Margie Allen

This is the second service in the 2014-2015 series on Democracy. Do we all mean the same thing when we talk about freedom in America? What are its limits? In the context of our faith and our identity as Americans, how are the ideas of freedom and liberalism related?

November 16 – "Transgender 101" – Rev. Margie Allen

Everything you always wanted to know about the genetics and anatomy of sex and the cultural construction of gender identity and roles. Stay after the service to ask Rev. Margie and our transgender guests your burning questions.

November 23 – "Families” – A Multi-generational Thanksgiving Service – Rev. Margie Allen

On Thanksgiving many of us gather with members of our family, given or chosen, to celebrate, eat and relax together. What does a family look like and what is it for? Plan to stay for bread-making in the sanctuary during coffee hour.

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service 

Please join the 3-Village Interfaith Clergy Association for the annual Community Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on Tuesday evening, November 25, at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary of St. James Roman Catholic Church in Setauket. Rev. Margie will be among the service leaders for this family-friendly service.

November 30 – "Home This Thanksgiving" – Stefani Scott, Worship Leader

"I have seen a summer day that slowly opens like a rose.  And I have seen golden prairies." The gifts and blessings we have are all about our perspective: which window we sit at to look out at the world; the smells coming from making  bread and soup which brings always thoughts of home.  Come join us in this  "sharing" Thanksgiving Service with wonderful music that will bring tears to your eyes. 

December 7 – "Waiting" – Rev. Margie Allen

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of the season of Advent in the Christian tradition, a season of anticipation and preparation for adventus "a coming, an arrival." What is it like to wait?

December 14 – "On Gun Violence" – Rev. Margie Allen

Two years ago today, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot first his mother, then 20 elementary school children and 6 adult staff members, and finally himself. Gun violence in America—where does it end and when?