August 9 – Summer Series #7: “Musicians in Times of Conflict, or, How I Reconcile My Radical Artistic and Radical Political Beliefs” – Dan Weymouth, Service Leader

In an era where we are challenged with enormous political, social and geological challenges, what is the social utility of music? As an artist of conscience, this is a question I have considered for decades. Taking my cue from Howard Zinn’s Artists in Times of War — with supporting evidence from a variety of authors (including W.E.B. Du Bois and Wendell Barry), as well as several of my own compositions—I make a passionate case for the necessity of musical art.

August 16 – Summer Series #8: “The Universal House of Prayer: Music” – Stefani Scott, Service Leader

Music is visionary and universal. It creates profound energy to awaken and activate our highest potentials. It promises discovery, of ourselves and the human mind. Everyone is invited to participate throughout this joyous, intergenerational service, from the sounding of the bell to the closing benediction.

August 23 – “Why I Come to Church” – Rev. Margie Allen

We start with the answer given by the Rev. A. Powell Davies (1902 – 1957), long-time minister at All Souls UU Church in Washington DC and go from there.

August 30 – “The Busy Bug” – Rev. Margie Allen

The busy season is upon us. We’ll explore some means to avoid or recover quickly from this disheartening spiritual malady.

September 6 – “Sharing Circles: Weaving the Web" – Rev. Linda Anderson

Our UU Sharing Circles program helps to weave the interconnected web by joining us together in caring, stimulating and fun ways. Why is this important? Come and see!