February 7 – “Among Unequals” – Rev. Margie Allen

The 2016 UU-UNO (Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office) Intergenerational Spring Seminar, coming up April 7-9, focuses on global inequality. Rev. Margie hopes that a peek at some of the issues and speakers will inspire you/th to join her there that weekend.

February 14 – “Strong Love” – Rev. Margie Allen

“Standing on the Side of Love” is not an easy gig, not a rose behind the back, not a box of chocolate, not the card thank-god-you-remembered. The kind of Love we stand with takes guts and sinew and withering perseverance and it calls to us into places that scare us.

February 21 – “Nonviolent Communication across Ideological Boundaries” – Rev. Margie Allen

How can the practice of nonviolent (compassionate) communication help us to have fruitful conversations with people who hold very different beliefs, ideas and commitments from our own?

February 28 – “Black History Month” – Racial Concerns Committee


March 6 – “"Love: Buddhist Style” – Stony Brook Buddhist Sangha

Members of the Stony Brook Buddhist Sangha will explore what love means from a Buddhist perspective. The Sangha meets at the Fellowship on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. and includes UUFSB members The Rev. Linda Anderson, Ginger and John Williams, and Helen Seeburger.

March 13 – “The Common Good” (New Member Sunday PLUS our Pledge Drive and Mission Vision Campaign Kick-Off) – Rev. Margie Allen

To serve the “common good” of our congregation we need committed members (Welcome New Members!), a vision and path toward that vision that excites us all (“Our Path into the Near Future” Mission Vision Campaign), and sources of energy to get us there: muscles, minds, and money (2016-17 Pledge Drive).

March 20 – “Disabilities/Accessibility” – Rev. Margie Allen

What are some of the factors that contribute to unequal access to worship services and other activities for all our members? Our bodies and capacities change over time. At any particular time our location on a “continuum of ability” can limit or enhance our experience.