Upcoming Services


Can you recall a moment in your life when something unexpected happened that changed you in some measurable or unmeasurable way?  When you found yourself taking “the road less traveled?”  The theme for this summer’s lay led services is wayfaring.  Over the course of the summer members of the fellowship will discuss those moments in their lives or in the life of Long Island that made a difference in the journey of their lives.

July 27 – "Wayfaring through Personal Poems and Prose" – Ginger Williams and the Writers’ Group

Individuals will share their personal wayfaring experiences via writings they have created especially for this service.

August 3 – "Wayfaring for the New Global Myth" – Richard Ohlrogge

On the day the tragedy of 9/11 took place I became preoccupied with the idea that the world needed a ‘new global myth’. For the next 13 years I became a wayfarer, a person who took a journey, but not a physical journey, instead a journey of thoughts and ideas -- scientific, theological and philosophical -- in search of what a ‘new global myth’ might be. The 13.8 billion year evolution of the universe is labeled as Big History in academia. The evolution of mass/energy, of stardust, of life and of consciousness is the grand narrative. The stories/myths that have been written during the past few millennia have both influenced and attempted to capture the essence of the meaning of that evolution. These stories are still being written and we live in a time when they were never more vital.

August 10 – "What Toni Morrison’s Journey Can Teach Us" – Barbara Coley

Traveling through the fiction of Toni Morrison, one grows in empathy and in understanding of oneself in the world.  Encountering Morrison’s seemingly innocent, villainous and surprising character mixtures makes us wonder and appreciate the intricate inevitability of doing harm and of surviving harm.  This is an empowering discovery.  My remarks focus on characters that help to illuminate the intricate web of existence of which we are a part.  I suggest that we grow in our ability to appreciate the complexity of that web as we witness the artist’s efforts over time and relish the transforming journey.

August 17 – "Trusting Your Instincts to Find the Next Watering Hole" – Gilda Candela

There are no mistakes, just new information upon which to make different decisions. At times I needed to give up the plans that seemed to have worked so well for a while, so I would be ready for the plans that were waiting for me just around the bend. That "gap" in between is often confusing and torturous. Through that "percolating time" over and over through my life I've come to realize that the worst of the worst can be followed by the best of the best.