September 6 – “Sharing Circles: Weaving the Web" – Rev. Linda Anderson

Our UU Sharing Circles program helps to weave the interconnected web by joining us together in caring, stimulating and fun ways. Why is this important? Come and see!

September 13 – “Homecoming Service" – Rev. Margie Allen

The communion theme is brought to us this year by the element of AIR (wind, words, music, laughter, flight, ideas, beginnings, wisdom, scents, food that pops and spins). For our 5th Homecoming Congregational Photo, please wear white and/or sky blue and a superhero cape. What kind of SuperUU Hero are you? If you don't have one (why don't you?), here's how to make one (or not):

September 20 – “In the Belly of the Whale” (Jewish High Holy Days) - Rev. Margie Allen

If you’ve ever been stuck inside the belly of a whale, you might have an idea how Jonah felt down there. It was cold and dark and smelly and all he had for company were his own regrets and fears. Or so he thought.

September 27 – “Moonlight” - Rev. Margie Allen

Tonight you can witness the total eclipse of the “Harvest Moon” (the full moon closest to the fall equinox). This makes today a good time to talk about what the moon has meant to humankind over time.

October 4 – “Darkness / Night” - Rev. Margie Allen

We often think of the dark as a negative thing, but darkness has its virtues, both as an experience and as a symbol.

October 11 – “Personal Visioning” - Rev. Margie Allen

Later this year we really will hold a number of special gatherings for the purpose of articulating a vision and a mission concept for our Fellowship. This morning we practice the art on ourselves as individuals? What is your vision for your life?