Upcoming Services

peoples-climate-marchSeptember 21 – People’s Climate March – Rev. Margie Allen

We are making an unprecedented request to the UUFSB community that all adults, youth and children who are able plan to travel into NYC to participate in this critical and, we hope, historic March. We march and speak for our Earth and all the life she will sustain to the 7th generation and beyond. 

For more details about UUFSBers' participation in the March, please see Rev. Margie's August 22nd "Letters from Nearby." For general information about the March, click here.

Those who cannot march with us in the city are invited to gather at the Fellowship at 10:30 a.m. Gil Hanson will lead a service that outlines the long term history of climate changes and how the present man-made climate change is influenced by that history. We will be able to take part in the walk through a short video of the UUFSB members as they gather for the walk.

"Presenting Climate Change in a Geologic Time Perspective" -- Worship Leader: Gil Hanson

We are, geologically speaking, in a relatively cool period that began tens of millions of years ago and will last for many tens of millions of years into the future. During this period there are intervals of some 100,000 years of relatively cold climates with sudden, large changes in global temperature followed by intervals of mild, stable climates with only small changes in global temperature that last for about 10,000 years. We are near the end of a mild interval that began about 10,000 years ago. Humans have adapted very well to this stable climate resulting in a huge increase in population from a few million 10,000 years ago to 7 billion today. It is not clear how this population dependent on a stable climate will endure the large change in global temperature associated with climate change.


September 28 – "Enemies" – Rev. Margie Allen

On this Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we recognize the call to reconciliation these high holy days amplify and support.

October 5 – "Ten Commandments" – Rev. Margie Allen

A look at the text and popular take on the commandments Moses received from his God and carried down the mountain to the Israelites, his people. What UU ten do and don’ts might we helpfully keep in mind as we envision the future Fellowship we want to live into?

October 12 – "The Fifth Principle I: In the Beginning" – Rev. Margie Allen

A look back at the roots of American democracy, the priorities and concerns of the founding fathers of our country, and the relationship between faith and government.

October 19 – "First Come, Last Served: the Rights of Indigenous Peoples" – Rev. Margie Allen

Youth and adults who attended the 2014 UU United Nations Office Spring seminar on “Sacred Roots: Indigenous Rights, Resistance and Reclamation” reflect on their experience together there.