August 20 - “Sing!" - Rev. Margie Allen

A reflection on joyful noises, warnings and seductions.

August 27 - “Teach Your Children Well: Shaping a UU Identity" - Rev. Margie Allen

How does a baby in our nursery become a UU teenager able to put our principles and values to work in their world?

September 3 - “Sharing Circles” – Rev. Linda Anderson, Community Minister in Affiliation

The facilitators and participants in the Sharing Circle program will give you a taste of what happens in a sharing circle and will talk about the joy of getting to know people in the Fellowship they might never have known otherwise.

September 10 - “Tributaries”—Homecoming Sunday 2017 – Rev. Margie Allen

This morning, as part of our 7th annual Homecoming Service, we’ll mingle the waters you’ve collected during the summer, tributaries merging into one stream. We begin our year with a Water Communion. Bring water you love. Wear blues and teals and maybe white caps or shore birds. Please click here for more ideas about what to wear and what to bring.