March 29 – “They Drew a Circle” – Rev. Margie Allen

Judaism and the new religion of Christianity took many centuries to differentiate themselves from one another while “little u” unitarians and universalists took their own stands in the fray. Another peek at where we came from.

April 5 – “Redemption” – Rev. Margie Allen

On Easter Sunday we consider whether there is a version of the Christian idea of redemption that can be meaningful and transformational for Unitarian Universalists.

April 12 – A Secular View of the Fourth Principle - David Bouchier, Guest Worship Leader

The award winning essayist and public radio personality, David Bouchier, will present his views on the Fourth Principle of Unitarian Universalism: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  A thoughtful and humorous raconteur, Bouchier’s road to radio broadcasting is framed in this way:  “In 1986 marriage to an American citizen, plus an ardent desire to escape the British climate, brought David to the United States, first as a visiting professor at the State University of New York. This was such a surrealistic experience that he abandoned all hope of earning a proper living, and became a freelance writer and broadcaster.”  Please join us in welcoming this most generous of men as he presents a secular view on truth and meaning.

April 19 – Earth Day - led by EarthKeepers

Details TBA.

April 26 – “A May Day Celebration” – Rev. Margie Allen

A hard winter calls for a truly glad spring. A Mayday in April.  Yes, there will be a maypole, dancing for kids and adults, music for winding the pole with colors. Come enjoy an intergenerational celebration of spring!

May 3 – Topic TBA - Dr. Roger Thompson, Guest Worship Leader 

Dr. Thompson is an Associate Professor in Stony Brook’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric. His recent work includes extensive scholarship on veterans and the culture of war.

May 10 – “Play” and Blessing of the Wheels! – Rev. Margie Allen

Bring your human-powered vehicles (roller skates to bicycles) to be blessed for spring and summer riding. We’re thinking about play this morning, the re-creation of our lives. Fun talking about the essential activity of just having fun.

May 17 – “The Future of Democracy” – Rev. Margie Allen

This is the final service in this congregational year’s series on democracy. Our democracy is in danger. What can we do, in the name of our fifth principle, to help restore it to health?

May 24 – “What’s Good About War?” – Rev. Margie Allen

Nothing. Nothing is good about war, but there are undeniable collateral benefits. I don’t really want to talk about them, but I will.

May 31 – “Underground” – Rev. Margie Allen

When some essential service is outlawed, the process for obtaining it goes underground. Some history and projections regarding threats to women’s reproductive rights.