June 16, 2019, “Labyrinth” - Flowers and Passages Service - Rev. Margie Allen

At the last service of the year before the Summer Service Series kicks off, we take time to mark the milestones we have reached as individuals and as a congregation. This year we rededicate our labyrinths, recognize their inspired Founders, and rededicate ourselves to this spiritual practice that is literally embedded in our midst, in our ministry, and in our history. Please bring a flower or two to the service for our Flower Communion.

June 23, 2019, “Growing a Soul” (Summer Service Series #1) - Rev. Margie Allen

For the first service in our Summer Service Series called “Growing Up and Growing Older,” Rev. Margie looks at how spiritual growth challenges evolve over the human lifespan, and how Unitarian Universalism supports seekers at critical junctures on their journeys.

June 30, 2019, “In Sickness and in Health” (Summer Service Series #2) - Elyse Powell, Worship Leader

Learning the important lessons of self-love while walking the path of caregiving.