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Based on recommendations from our Pandemic Response Team, the Fellowship is open for worship services in our sanctuary at 10:30 a.m.  Services are also being live streamed over YouTube. Please click here to read the latest from the PRT.

Feb. 5, 2023 - "Confronting Casteism and Racism Today" - Racial Concerns Committee

Our guest speaker, Pramila Venkateswaran, will discuss casteism. Ms Venkateswaran is a poet, teacher and president of the local chapter of Suffolk National Organization for Women. She is a member of Multi-cultural Solidarity. Her most recent book of poems is We are Not a Museum.

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    Weekly Events and Special Announcements – Feb. 5-12

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    Feb. 12, 2023 - "Spirituality and the 8th Principle" - Deborah Little, Service Leader

    Unitarians and Universalists have committed to fighting oppression for a very long time. Come learn some of our theology about justice and ending oppression. And write or draw your own commitment to share with all.

    Feb. 19, 2023 - "Mardi Gras: Topsy-Turvy" - Pastor Madelyn Campbell

    In the spirit of Mardi Gras and turning things upside-down, we will begin the service all together, and then after the Time For All Ages, adults will head to Religious Educaiton, and the children will remain in the sanctuary for worship.

    Feb. 26, 2023 - "Now What?" - Pastor Madelyn Campbell

    We've looked at what it means to be in covenant with one another. We're exploring the new language for our UUA covenant. We've passed the 8th principle affirming our commitment to being anti-oppression. Now what? How do we move forward together in faith? What is the work we're called to do?