June 24, 2018, Summer series #1, “How Can UUFSB Accommodate Religiously Liberal But Politically Conservative Members?” – Gil Hanson, Worship Leader

In our Humanist Discussion Group we have been struggling with how we as members of a liberal religion

  • supporting individual choice and initiative, 
  • seeing the inherent worth and dignity in every person, and
  • accepting that individuals may search for their own version of "truth and meaning"

can provide a welcome to both politically conservative as well as politically liberal members.

July 1, 2018, Summer series #2, “Experiencing Theological Difference: UUism and Spiritualism” (Frank Kotowski, Summerland Church of Light and Rev. Margie Allen, co-leaders)

We explore the theological/historical relationship between Spiritualism, Unitarianism and Universalism, and look at some challenges facing marginal religions in “a Christian nation.” Together we experience some elements of Spiritualist worship.

July 8, 2018, Summer series #3, “American and Transylvanian UUs: Differences and Similarities” - June Cerveney, Worship Leader

Our Unitarian heritage stretches back to include the time of the reformation in Eastern Europe. Remarkably, Unitarian congregations survive in the Transylvania region of Romania to this day. They are part of our spiritual family. This service will explore differences and similarities between Transylvanian Unitarians and American UUs, and how we encounter and learn from each other.

rra Nullius: On Being Erased