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Barbara Coley, co-chair of Racial Concerns Committee, put together a chronology of facts important in African American, American and European history and culture. This timeline is offered for youth and adults who may have need of this handy reference tool. It is designed to be downloaded in sections, and RC suggests that users add blank pages between sections so that they can place their own history among the events in the timeline.

The chronology is divided as follows.  Please click the links to view / download each of the timelines.

The chronology allows students of all ages the opportunity to place themselves and their family in history.  Some say that Americans are uninformed in regard to the diverse cultures that make up our country.  The timeline helps us to understand aspects of our history so that we can appreciate more fully who we were, who we are, what happened then and what’s happening now.  The Racial Concerns Committee offers this timeline with the hope that by reviewing American history and locating ourselves in it, we begin to deepen our understanding of how we as individuals, families, and communities participate in the American experience.

Sources for the facts in the timeline are:

  • H. L. Gates, Many Rivers to Cross
  • H. L. Gates and N. Y. McKay, Editors, The Norton Anthology of African American Literature
  • J. A. S. Grenville, A History of the World in the 20th Century
  • Darlene C. Hine, Wm. C. Hine, and Stanley Harold, The African American Odyssey
  • Ruth Miller, Black American Literature