The process for sending newsworthy items for submission to the newsletter, newsletter supplements, the web site, and Sunday announcements is very simple:

Send all items to the email address

Messages sent to that address always reach the person whose task it is to review the item, edit it for the appropriate communication vehicle, and send it along to wherever it is slated to go (supplement, newsletter, web site, and/or Sunday announcements sheet).

News items and announcements should never go to anyone’s personal email address. ExceptionIf there is an emergency, and you feel it necessary to get the information to someone right away, please send it to  IN ADDITION TO the address. 

Deadlines for Submission

  • Supplement items: end of business day Tuesday for the current week’s supplement
  • Newsletter items:the Friday before the last Thursday of the month (to accommodate our parttime office assistant who has to get out the print copies of the newsletter before the end of the month)
  • Web site items:expect a turnaround time of 3 days between sending an item and having it posted on the web site
  • Announcement sheet items:end of business day Wednesday before the Sunday that the announcement is needed
    [Note: News items that are intended ONLY for the Announcements may be sent directly to the office at .]

Please plan ahead for your event announcements.  We appreciate your cooperation!