Religious Education Registration

UUFSB requests that parents register their children for participation in the Religious Education program.  We ask this to ensure the safety of your children - contact information, allergies, specific permissions are all a necessary part of creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.  Please fill out the form completely.  Thank you!

All families whose children/youth attend the Religious Education program are listed in the UUFSB Directory as "Friends" if they have not joined the Fellowship.  The directory is only available to Members and Friends - the information is not public. There is no requirement to be a member for your children to be a part of our religious education program.

Please contact our Congregational Administrator ( or the Director of Religious Education ( for more information.

Emergency Contact

Additional Information

Please read and check below to indicate approval.  Thank you!

Paragraph 1 - I allow photos of my child(ren) to be used in hallway displays, church literature and on our website.

Paragraph 2 - Accidents can happen at any time. In consideration for UUFSB permitting my child to participate, and on behalf of myself and my child, I hereby release, discharge, and indemnify UUFSB (meaning UUFSB and its members, directors, officers, organizers, employees, affiliated organizations, and any person associated or connected with it in any way) from any claim(s) I may have against UUFSB and from any claim(s) my child may have for any injury or illness arising out of my child's participation in the activities.

Paragraph 3 - I give my consent and authority for an adult present for the activity with my child to take any reasonable action to help ensure the safety, health and welfare of my child, and absolve them of liability. I give permission for any emergency medical, surgical, diagnostic and hospital care, treatment, or procedures deemed immediately necessary or advisable by emergency medical technicians, a physician or hospital to safeguard my child’s health when I cannot be contacted. I agree to be responsible for any medical expenses not covered by my insurance.

If any of your children are in grade 6 or above, they may be eligible to participate in events and activities outside the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook. UUFSB seeks specific permission from a parent or guardian for your child to participate in such events and/or activities.

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