Religious Education Corner - September  2016


Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer in our RE Program

10.  Because lying in bed, reading the Sunday paper is just not your idea of a good time!

9. Learn all you need to know about UUism, but were too afraid to ask!

8. Because it is a lot more fun than a committee meeting.

7. If you came to church and played with clay and paint by yourself, people might look at you funny.

6. Kids say the darndest things – you are guaranteed to smile.

5. It is fun and easy! Gretta provides a complete lesson plan to teachers and training to all volunteers.

4. The commitment is only 7 - 10 times perch church year! That averages out to less than one per month.

3. Because it takes a village to raise a child. Participate in our village. Parents count on religious community to help them to equip their children with the skills they need for a lifetime as religious people.

2. Change the world! If you change one life you have made a difference.  Children and youth need our safe, sacred places to survive – and you’ll plant seeds of compassion, wisdom and courage that will make the world a better place.

And the number one reason:

1 Karma Kredit!                                                           (Borrowed and adapted from esteemed colleagues)

Our religious education program takes the efforts of many people in our congregation – parents as well as other caring adults.  We need many people to volunteer at some point in time in order for our program to run smoothly and safely. Most of our volunteer pool are parents of families that come to our congregation regularly.  Many families (about 80%) only come 1 time per month. We know your family will develop community here and learn and grow with their UU family.  We also know that sometimes there are real challenges that prevent you from attending every week.  However, it makes it difficult for us to run a successful, engaging program with only 20% of the frequently attending people to provide 100% of the staffing of our Sunday morning program.

I ask you to think about our Third UU Principle “We covenant to affirm and promote acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth within our congregation.”  I am not just talking about our children’s spiritual growth here; I am talking about your own.  Being around children and youth is a strong reminder of how human beings learn and grow – which isn’t an easy journey for any of us. Walking with these children on their journey can be a meaningful lesson in your own growth too.

There are still openings for RE volunteers, guests in the classroom, classroom leaders and assistants. Please see or contact Gretta Johnson-Sally, our Director of Religious Education, for more information. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


~ Gretta Johnson-Sally, DRE