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The Communications Committee works on internal and external communications and marketing of the UUFSB and its programs, in support of its mission and vision statements. We prepare and distribute the Fellowship's newsletter, supplements and other publications and manage the Fellowship's electronic communications.  We also work on reaching out to the community and raising awareness of Fellowship events and fundraisers. 

We have volunteer opportunities to fit many talents, including amateur and professional writers, editors, artists, people with marketing expertise, and website programming abilities.  We welcome communicators and others who have an interest in any or all of these areas.

Our Mission Statement:

To facilitate and coordinate the internal and external communications of the UUFSB to improve functioning of the Fellowship, keep members informed, and let the outside world know who we are, what we are doing, and how they are welcome to join us.

Current Projects:

  • Continue to enhance and develop our UUFSB Website and Facebook page, including use of video clips
  • Create a Marketing Plan to increase the visibility of the Fellowship to potential new members
  • Update UUFSB brochures and lobby materials

Current Members:

Susan Buckley
Linda Cortese
Tom Pelletier
Colleen Rudman
Denise Stevenson

Meetings are generally on the third Tuesday of the month. Newcomers welcome!

For more information contact:  Colleen Rudman @ .