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Procedure for Inclement Weather Closing

If inclement weather seems to threaten a UUFSB service, please be sure to check your email inboxes or the UUFSB web site on Sunday morning for possible service cancellation. The minister and Board president will make a decision no later than 7:30 a.m. In the event of cancellation, the Newsletter Team will email a Special Newsfeed to the UUFSB distribution list and post a cancellation notification on the website home page. We will also notify News 12 and WALK radio - note that WALK will only post closing information on their website (click here) and does NOT announce religious institution closings on the radio.

For other large-scale UUFSB events that are cancelled due to inclement weather, we will also email a Special Newsfeed and post a notification on the website. NOTE: For small group meetings or classes, we ask that you please contact the chairperson or instructor to get cancellation information, if s/he has not already alerted the group.