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Children's Social Justice Projects

The first Sunday of every month, the children are gathered together for “Social Action Sunday”. They periodically start out in the sanctuary to listen to an age appropriate "Child’s Eye View" which often includes a story and then go to the RE wing to engage in some type of social action project. Our topics vary widely including hunger and food issues, Guest at Your Table lessons, arts and crafts with a social justice theme, nature and music, dance and yoga for all the ages.

Other social action projects this year include school supplies for underprivileged children, Guest at Your Table donations in partnership with the Unitarian Universalist Service committee (UUSC), collections of Halloween candy for our service men and women. bread and muffin baking for a local food pantry and collections of cold weather clothing for those in need of keeping warm.  Each Sunday our children bring in loose change which we donate to a non-profit of their choosing.  This year the donation went to:  the Guide Dog Foundation in Smithtown to help support guide dogs for the visually impaired.  We also collect aluminum flip-tops for the Ronald McDonald House.


UUFSB is a Safe Congregation that strives to protect children and youth.  To find out more about what that means, click here.